1st week back!

Week one and we are already busy bees! In maths we have been learning about money. We have introduced 1p and next week we will introduce 2p and 5p. the children have loved the market, although they have rename it to ‘the shop’. We have also been estimating. Ask your child what estimate means! Our winner this week on estimation is Annalise. Well done Annalise!

The Little Red Hen

This week we have been looking at the Little Red Hen story.  The children have loved using the actions to tell the story.  Ask your children if they can remember it at home and post below 🙂

The Little Red Hen

  • What does she find? What does she make?
  • Please use your first name and the first initial of your last name

Scrambled or boiled?

After our eggcellent Egg Drop Challenge F2 were faced with what to do with the leftover eggs.

Well, cook them of course. We extended our scientific thinking when we explored the differences between boiled and scrambled egg. We decided to make both! We had an egglicious afternoon. We were very good at describing what had happened to the eggs, and even better at tasting them!105_2511 105_2524

Our Egg-cellent few days!

We had a fantastic day yesterday during Science day, we enjoyed it so much that we carried it on today! Miss Hopkinson was very busy all around school for the day but was so impressed when she popped in to see what we were up to.  We spent the morning looking at different materials and talking about the different textures.  We then decided what materials would be best to protect the egg and tested our ideas.  We thought sponge would be best, and it was! We did lots of wonderful discussions and later in the day we even had a go at making our own egg packaging!  We left them on the side to test today.  We put our lab coats back on and put a layer of bubble wrap on the floor to protect the carpet.  We took it in turns to drop our eggs, only one broke! We were surprised as we also tested eggs with no protective packaging.  In the end we decided that it was the bubble wrap which was protecting the eggs, and if we dropped them outside they would break.  Now we have so many eggs left over I wonder what we might do with them tomorrow… what do you think?




Working together

We have had a lovely time on our Walkabout this week.  We stayed in the school grounds and had a look at what we could see.  We then had to share a clipboard and paper and draw all the things we could see, we were fantastic at sharing!


105_2376Sharing our clipboards


105_2380 Ethan found a rock


The colour of the leaves are starting to change!


Kaiden and Hayden had a go at writing initial sounds for what they saw- r for rain, l for leaves and t for trees – amazing!!

What can you see in your garden at home?


Well done F2 for all your fantastic reading! It looks like lots of you have been working hard at home and we are very excited to start stamping tomorrow! We change reading books on Tuesdays and Fridays but it is important to bring your book bag in everyday just in case we have time to do some assessments or listen to readers.  As you will have the same book for a few days you can experiment with different things to extend your child’s reading skills e.g. you can go on a ‘sound hunt’ and spot the same sound on each page and around the house, you could look for keywords in the stories, you could cover up a word and see if your child can use their reading skills to work out which word is missing.  The keywords are also in the back of the reading diaries and these are very important to help your child move up through the reading levels. You could make snap cards out of the keywords or stick them round the house to hunt for.  And of course you can share any books you have at home! Thank you to the children who brought in their favourite stories last week, we had some lovely ones that we hadn’t read before 🙂 Happy reading F2!



Enjoying our reading area.


Eadah and Jake spotted our word wall and loved finding out what each word said.  Eadah said her favourite word was ‘colourful’ on the fish and Jake said he liked that one too!














It’s Friday!

Just another note to say what a fantastic week F2 have had! Lunch time was fab today, they wolfed down their fish fingers and chips followed by chocolate cake! We have lots of exciting things planned next week.  We are looking at our favourite stories so if the children would like to bring their favourite book in they can but please make sure it has their name in so we can keep it safe! We will try and read as many as we can through the week so please only bring 1 🙂  You can also leave us a note on here to tell us what your favourite stories are.

There is a reading challenge starting on Monday, details are in the newsletter,we hope all the children join in.  We will change books on Tuesday’s and Friday’s but please bring your book bag everyday just in case.

We will have gymnastics again on Tuesday so please remember PE kits and wellies ready for our Wednesday Walk-About 🙂 These can stay on the pegs.

Well done F2 for a fantastic start, get lots of sleep over the weekend and we will see you on Monday! 🙂

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